About Me

Brian Palmer

I'm a Peabody-award winning journalist based in Richmond, Virginia. During my 30-year career I have photographed conflict, politics, activism, daily life, and more around the world  and in my own backyard. My strength is capturing life candidly, clearly, and creatively.

I strive to tell stories in pictures about people and situations that might not otherwise be told, with integrity, professionalism, independence, passion, and compassion.

My photos have appeared in the New York Times, Buzzfeed, Narrative.ly; my writing in Smithsonian Magazine, the New York Times, and the Nation; and audio on Reveal.

My documentary, Full Disclosure, which appeared in 2011 on The Documentary Channel, along with several magazine articles and photo exhibitions, grew out of three media embeds in Iraq with U.S. Marines. In 2019, along with my collaborator, Seth Wessler, I received a Peabody for Reveal radio story "Monumental Lies.”

Before going freelance in 2002, I was a CNN correspondent. Prior to that, I was Beijing bureau chief for US News & World Report, during which time I photographed for many of my articles.

Currently, I'm currently working on Make the Ground Talk with my wife, Erin Hollaway Palmer, a documentary that evokes life in a historic black community that was uprooted during World War II to build a naval base, now a top-secret U.S. military installation. Another long-term project, photography of Virginia's neglected African American cemeteries, grew out of the documentary.

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Photo by Erin Hollaway Palmer

Photo by Erin Hollaway Palmer